السبت، 30 يوليو 2011

“Will you consider including synchronous tools in your future EFL classroom in Saudi Arabia? Will there be any drawbacks?”

I think in my EFL classes I will use synchronous tools because they are so helpful and useful for both students and teacher. Chat and instant massaging  are some of the tools that offer direct contact and a lot of sharing information, they are so quick and less complex. Other examples are the audio conferences and application sharing which I think should be use a side to each other. They cost a lot and depend on the international  participants. Also, web conferencing offer sharing information and presentations but to be useful it need audio conferencing. These tools and some more are costing a lot of money but they help in teaching and learning process. I think we should use them in our classes because we want a better learning to our students. Some of the drawbacks that I expect to face is the financial problems and the digital immigrant wonders why we should use these technologies while we had learned without them. I hope I could use these tools in my future classes without having problems.

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